Understanding Birth eClass in English

Can’t come to a childbirth class? We’ll bring it to you!


Consider the Understanding Birth eClass your go-to guide for answers you can trust on childbirth. This interactive online course covers essential information on labor and more, and highlights ways partners can help throughout the process. You’ll also get a sense of what labor is really like as you watch several birth stories.


 You can access the eClass from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection. Allow 4-6 hours to complete.


eClass chapters:


·        Labor

·        Birth Stories

·        Comfort Techniques

·        Medical Procedures

·       Cesarean Birth

·        Newborns

·       Postpartum


What’s included?·   


· Videos, animations, and optional read-along audio

· Quizzes, interactive exercises, notes pages, and extended activ Essential tools, including a birth plan checklist and contraction timer

· Audio library with soothing sounds, lullabies, and relaxation exercises

· PDF library, glossary, and web links

· Class completion certificate

· One-to-one support and a direct line to Simona

·  Access to a private Facebook group where you can meet other parents-to-be, just like you

· Monthly video-calls to answer all your questions and concerns 

· Access to the class for 270 days.



How it works:

·       Once you purchase your seat to the eClass, we will email you login instructions.

·        Please specify if you want to benefit also of the Spanish eClass,  which is offered to you as a bonus when you buy the English eClass, until the 30th of June 2020.

·        Don’t hesitate to contact me at any time if you have further questions before or  after joining the eClass.

Disclaimer: This course does not constitute or replace medical advice. Please acknowledge and understand that all information shared in this course is solely informational. Please call emergency number 112, your midwife or doctor if you are having pain, bleeding, or other health concerns. Also, call your healthcare provider if you think you are in labor.

Understanding Birth eClass

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online childbirth education class in English
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