Services and Fees

The doula/hypno-doula package includes: 


•  a free consultation to see if I am the right person to support you during your journey; 

•  3 prenatal visits when we'll discuss everything about pregnancy, birth and postpartum time, comfort techniques, hypnosis practice, birth plan/preferences and you'll get a body massage and a feet reflex massage; 

•  continuous support during pregnancy and postpartum via telephone and email; 

•   lending library; 

•   on-call status 14 days before and 14 days after the estimated due date; 

•   continuous birth support from the onset of birth up to 2-3 hours after your baby comes; 

•   lending a TENS Machine for the birth - NEW!

•   facilitating communication with medical professionals in case of language barriers; help with registration 

•   taking pictures during birth or after the baby comes with your camera ( when desired); 

•   1 postnatal visit to discuss the birth experience

•   Fee: €999


My Hypnobabies® students get a discount for my hypno-doula services. 

My childbirth class students get a discount for  my doula services. 


Payment in installments possible. 


Doula services in Germany are not subsidized by the health insurance companies. Nevertheless, I believe that every woman should have continuous support during pregnancy, birth and postpartum time, therefore, do not hesitate to contact me even if you find yourself in financial difficulties. There is always a solution! 

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