Online Childbirth Education Class in English

Do you feel overwhelmed and confused during your *new baby* experience in a new country, facing the language barrier and the cultural shock?


 I know what you're going through, because I was like you ten years ago.


 I have been working as a doula and childbirth educator with many international families during their *becoming parents* experience and I've realized that support and information are the best tools for a fulfilling and positive birth experience. I will empower you - both moms and dads - to make the best decisions based on the latest evidence-based information. Come join me for another kind of childbirth education class! 





19 - 20.06.2021 

Sa 10 am. - 5 pm. 

Su 12.00 pm. - 5 pm. 






* a Zoom Link will be provided prior to the course.  


Why is our class so special?

Well, first, because it is in English and second, because you’ll learn everything you may need to know for the birth of your baby! Small group, all your questions will be answered, empowering you through information and hands-on tools.


Class Outline:

Introduction; Becoming Parents; Role of the Partner in Pregnancy and Birth; Pregnancy Anatomy and Physiology; Comfort Measures in Late Pregnancy; Preparation for the Birth - Mind and Body; Nutrition; Optimal Fetal Positioning; Fetal Movement Counting; Choosing a Birth Place; Your Preferences List ( Birth Plan); How the Birth Begins; Special Situations – Premature Birth, Medical Problems and Induction; Anatomy and Physiology of Birth; Hormones of Birth; Stages of Birth; Benefits,Risks and Alternatives of Common Medical Procedures; Getting Informed Consent; Comfort Measures in Childbirth (Breathing, Positioning, Techniques for Birth Partners), Pushing the Baby Out. Your Baby is Born: How Babies Look; The Magic Hour; Common Procedures after the Baby is Born; Initiating Breastfeeding; Jaundice; The First Weeks Postpartum; Postpartum Depression.


...and everything that will come up into discussion!


Important notice: 

The class is not subsidised by the health insurance companies. Nevertheless you might want to ask if you can submit my invoice. You can use the invoice also for your yearly tax declaration.  


Don't hesitate to contact me if you need further information.

I'm looking forward meeting you!



Online Childbirth Education Course in English June 2021

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11 Hours of Online Childbirth Education 

1 Workbook 


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What my students say about the course


''We just want to say thank you, there was a lot of useful information in the course that we didn't know before. We missed a little bit of practical exercises, but we know that probably that happened because it was difficult to do it online. Even that, we think that the course was super nice. Thank you so much for your time Simona, your patience and to adapt the course into an online version. It was a pleasure to meet you and thanks again!'' A. &J. 


''Thank you very much for you insightful course and friendly atmosphere. I think you communicated very well and did your absolute best in the difficult circumstances. Everything was great! '' - V.O.


''Thank you again very much for the great course and the e-mail with the extra Infos.

See you soon!'' R.&M.


''...I loved the course, the people, everything. I think you are very passionate about what you do, you do it well and you shine! You draw marvelous people to you and it was a pleasure to meet them. ''- J.G.


''Hi Simona, D. and me really liked your course. We liked that we could ask so many and any kind of question and there was no rush in any way...'' E.


''...There was so much important information that you passed. That was great! It was very interesting and inspired us to search for more within topics we found particularly interesting.

Your involvement, energy and enthusiasm are really amazing. You are so authentic in what you are doing and we totally felt your passion for the topic :)

Lunch together, in the middle of the room with sharing food and stories was a great idea as well. We think it worked much better than if we all separated and every couple went to get lunch on the own.

Materials - great idea to give out the presentation, it's helps to follow.

Your sum-up email - amazing. Really. So much content! We haven't yet gone through but we will :)

Exercises - the practical part with exercises was great too. I know time was short, but having even more of those would be great too :)...'' U.&K.




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